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Plevo Runner


$375 Retail


13,9 x 22 x 9 inches.

Plevo Infinite


$495 Retail


17,9 x 28,3 x 11 + 1,5 inches.

Plevo UP


$595 Retail


19,7 x 31,4 x 11 inches.

Garment hanger

Garment hanger

Simply take the hangers out of your closet, hang them in the PLEVO suitcase and go! No more wrinkles, no more garment hangers, no more problems.
World Class Materials

World Class Materials

Hand-picked premium materials both inside and out, all water resistant as well.
USB battery pack

Removable Battery Pack

Charge all your devices. Even new gen laptops. USB and USB-C included.
Built - in digital scale

Built-in digital scale

The Plevo weight sensor let you know how much your luggage weights and syncs with your flight information to prevent baggage fees.
Android & IOS APP

Android & IOS App

Our app syncs with your flight itineraries to provide assistance along the journey.
Digital Bio-Lock

Smart Lock:

Face ID - Touch ID - Morse Code
No more old school metal locks or codes to remember. Your very own personalized digital bio-lock for the highest level of security.
GPS Location Tracking

GPS Location Tracking

Locate and track your Plevo anywhere in the world.
360 Wheels

Removable 360o Wheels

Hubless wheels increase durability by increasing the rolling area.
Lifetime guaranty

Lifetime Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with Plevo products, then we're not satisfied. Simply let us know and we'll fix or replace the luggage.
Distance alerts

Distance alerts

Never leave your essentials behind again.
TSA, DOT, FAA & IATA Compliant

TSA, DOT, FAA & IATA Compliant

All of our technology is compliant with international regulations.
Lifetime guaranty

Airline Safe

Compliant with the Airline's Smart Baggage Policy. Plevo is safe to travel worldwide.

Battery Pack


Smart Lock

Face ID

Touch ID

Morse Code

360o Wheels

GPS Location Tracking

- PLEVO App -

PLEVO Dashboard

Built in Digital scale

- PLEVO App -


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