Introducing our new

Plevo Assistant App

Quick and easy to use.

Smart Dashboard

Check the status of your Plevo in one place.
The smart dashboard allows you to manage all the smart features of your luggage.

Weight sensors

No more overweight fees.

Following very simple steps you can weigh your Plevo and avoid paying overweight fees at the airport.

GPS Location tracking

Know where your plevo is.
Anywhere, anytime.

Smart Lock

Your Face is your password.
Open your suitcase with Face ID, Touch ID and Morse code.
You can also open your Plevo with Password.

Your numerical password

Distance alerts

Enable this option to receive notifications when you’re leaving your Plevo behind.

20 mts Bluetooth range.


Now you can change to different languages.

Plevo ecosystem

Check your flight information at a glance.
And let our travel assistant app be your smart partner during your trips.

The future
of travel
is smart.

The future
of travel
is smart.


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